new updates can be found here.

Wednesay March 15th, 2000
Attack of the minor layout/content changes! I am dragging my darling Kitchen into the 21st century by cleaning up layouts and updating information. Minor changes have been made to just about every main page on the site. Still left is some behind-the-scenes work (moving around files, ick!), and perhaps a new discography page.

Sunday March 12th, 2000
I've updated two weeks in a row! Please, don't be alarmed! In my constant striving to bring you more content on the site, i have posted the first half of a new interview with me. The second half will be up later this week, and there might be a small Q&A with the amazing Gina soon. I am debating which, if any, new audio or lyrics will go up, but there should be audio of "World In My Hand" up within the next two weeks. If there are any other songs you'd like to hear, just let me know.
later... well, that first bit was actually late last night, so this is practically a whole new update! I added a ton of songs to the hello page (six, including Gina's take on "Falling Down" from my ill-fated Senior Project Demo). Some new lyrics might go up soon, but i like the idea of having audio up without lyrics, since i do the opposite excessively. The Q&A with Gina is upcoming for sure, and should be posted in a few weeks. I suppose that's all for now... oh, i am working on finally getting the "Audio Library" back up so the "Hello" page isn't so crowded.

Sunday March 5th, 2000
I have performed a makeover on the hello page after making considerably more radical changes to the main splash page last weekend. All over the internet there are sites with amazing layouts to go with their great content, and that is my aim! The ideas for the new layouts are from and, respectively (though the latter has changed layouts already). In other news, recording is on pause right now, but the Demo deadline of April 20th looms ahead. As always, comments are welcomed.

Saturday January 22nd, 2000
Wonderful Things Are Happening! The entire site is being overhauled this weekend, and the additions have included new links, guitar tabs, poetry, and lyrics! I am also cleaning up some nasty broken links and other things like that. More audio should be coming soon, as i spent my vacation working on the new DEMO!!!
later...Audio for "Under My Skin," "Touch," "All That's True," and "Lucky Star" is now up. The latter two were not written by me, though i wrote the music to the former of the latter. Follow me? The first is as brand new as they get around here, though it's somehow managed to be played in front of people already. And the second is a long overdue competent version. Go, listen, be merry.

Thursday December 16th, 1999
Whether you have noticed or not, many changes have been made to the site, including the recent move to this new server. Other changes include some new lyrics and audio. New Discography listings and a NEW DEMO are also in the works. Stay tuned.

Sunday August 30th, 1999
Yes, i know i've been bad; I've only been making invisible updates. Well, now i am at least trying to make them visible, and am also adding new content as i go along. Check out the Lyrics Library to see the major fruits of my labor. Also, a new page of the Discography will be going up tomorrow with songs written from May to August. And, i plan to add a new song played on electric guitar (very exciting, isn't it? don't y'all go leaving me cause i plugged in, though) and also an outtake from the Senior Project sessions. What else should i add? Tell Me!!!

Wednesday July 28th, 1999
Well, as mentioned in the Music News, i have been actively writing since my brief period of creativity-drain which followed my Senior Project. I have tried repeatedly to record some of my new work to feature on the sight, but have been repeatedly thwarted by my mysterious and continuing microphone ailment. So, i have temporarily given up on audio, and am currently uploading some of the new lyrics and creating a Discography page for them. Hopefully i'll have more news for you soon!

Monday June 28th, 1999
About three hours before the launch of the new site, and my head is spinning. Completed the brand new Discography after days of hard work and over 10 reinstalls of Netscape. All that's left for me to do now is upload the nifty new audio and transfer the new welcome pages from my working directory. Send comments please.

Thursday June 24th, 1999
Okay, so, i've been very bad about updates lately. But all that is about to change. To commemorate my graduation, but more importantly, to commemorate the one year anniversary of my lovely and productive poetry notebook, i am redesigning the site. I'm trying for more organization and more features. I welcome any comments you may have on the site and how i could improve it.

Friday May 7th, 1999
Added lyrics and audio for "Other Plans," which has been receiving good reviews {much thanx to all who listened to me to me play this week}. Edited all of the lyrics and re-arranged the main page a bit. Recorded some new audio that will go up over the weekend; demo audio for my Senior Project is just weeks away.

Tuesday May 4th, 1999
Various and sundry small layout changes made,... more on the way.

Saturday May 1st, 1999
As of this instant, the lyrics to anything i consider a truly viable song are on the page... though a good bit of them are not linked to from anywhere yet. New things should be happening soon, including some new audio. However, it's starting to look like the next big thing that will happen to the site will be my Senior Project. Meanwhile, i finished off the main part of Synonyms for Damage and added Wooden Instrument, which is home to some stray guitar chords. Should i put up the chords to my songs?? Until next time...

Saturday April 25th, 1999
Okay, so, there's nothing new. But that's because i'm working on the all-poetry side of the sight, called Synonyms for Damage. But, in the Kitchen, the only addition is some changes to the Songs listing. I've been writing lately, so some new material may go up soon... not to mention some interesting covers i've been working on.
later... Uploaded some new lyrics, but that's it for now, i mean it!

Monday March 8th, 1999
In a unparallelled frenzy of creative force, i have uploaded something resembling three whole songs and three or four song clips. Go to The Audio Library and observe the beauty.

Tuesday February 23rd, 1999
Added bunches and bunches of lyrics over the weekend, which have all been neatly linked up today. The page is "open," but i've not made an/the official announcement and don't know when/how i will. New audio has been slow in coming, recently because i've been in a string of alternate tunings, and so cannot play my usual songs. Also, the mysterious microphone affliction has been partially solved.

Wednesday February 3rd, 1999
After a dreary GroundHog's day rain-out, The New Music Week went out quietly with the debut of a few songs which haven't quite made it to the front of the line yet. Contrary to the last, rather cynical update, i can now say with some certainty that the page will be open before valentine's day. New stuff includes the addition of lyrics and audio to complement The New Music Week (which has, by the way, taken the place [and page layout] of the single).

Saturday January 30th, 1999
This page will never be done!!! I thought i could finish it this week, but my microphone mysteriously stopped working. The New Music Week was a partial success, with the first day going over big, the intermediate two days being wholly ignored, and the last day being postponed until GroundHog's day. So... recently added was the page for this special debut music week. That is all.

Saturday January 23nd, 1999
Many additional things have gone up over the last few months, including even more lyrics. I am still working on audio, and some other nifty content. The page is now four whole months overdue.

Sunday October 18th, 1998
Continuing a week-long overhall of this lovely and long over-due page. Major renovations include an over 100% increase in song lyrics, the addition of the song index, and a redo of the lyric library's layout. Less noticeable changes were made on many of the other pages. I'm hoping to record some real audio content soon so i can finally launch the site.

Sunday August 9th, 1998
Well, the site just about doubled in size since the last update. I created the rest of the main pages, addressed some redundancy issues with the pop-up code, and added my thanx and free stuff pages, collectively known as the credits. Oh, and one can find the Infinite Fish banner on the page three seperate times now... yes, i love that site. As to content [as opposed to whatever the other stuff is], i am just about to upload some more songs, including a redo of Together two steps lower [so it isn't so jangly sounding]. Also, just in case you were wondering, the single will not be a link until it is good and ready, and even if you figure what the link would be from looking at my source code you won't find anything because i haven't uploaded *anything* having to do with the single yet.

Friday August 7th, 1998
After a prolonged struggle with the lyric library and geocities' page editor i have managed to implement a java induced pop-up window which displays lyric files. Since the completion of that task i have uploaded five lyric files and implemented the pop-up system on the audio library [but only for linking to the lyric files]. Previous to doing all of that i chose the awesome background for the lyrics from Infinite Fish. Sooner or later i'll get their banner on here...

Thursday August 6th, 1998
BusyBusyBusy ... today i uploaded both the audio library and the lyric library. In addition to that i created the story of page, which features a real audio version of the story of the AM Kitchen.

Wednesday August 5th, 1998
Well this is the first page update ever (yay!). Tonight i uploaded a few important graphics, the index file to AM kitchen, and my first three RealAudio files. I haven't decided where/what the main page for accessing the audio will be.