What's New?

Sunday March 18th, 2001
Scads and scads of new lyrics were uploaded, as well as a handful of new audio. Also, updates in progress to the lyrics page. Gina will be here in a few hours, so more new audio might be in the works...

Friday December 29th, 2000
Yeah, obviously i skipped a few updates. Anyhow, aside from the hugely new layout that you are in the midst of witnessing, tonight i uploaded over ten megabytes of new audio, which is listen on both the main page and the audio page. Some new lyrics might be on the way soon. In the meantime, don't forget to keep tabs on Trio for previews of new songs.

Friday September 1st, 2000
Audio and lyrics for the tentatively titled "Nothing to Say" are up; an earlier version appears in audio under "Same Words, Same Song."

Friday August 18th, 2000
Introducing an all new splash layout to celebrate 2 years at the Kitchen! Unbelievably, it was two short years ago that i began to design this section of my webpage. I not only noticed the anniversary, but also the fact that i hadn't drastically altered the splash layout since i first scripted it. The new black/red/images look is the result 24hours of wrestling with PaintShop and JavaScript. I am hoping to incorporate even more visuals into the site in the coming months, even changing some of the wonderful (but agèd) Infinite Fish backgrounds. Also, there's a huge change on the way for 2001, but i can't say much more than that. Enjoy the new layout!

Saturday July 15th, 2000
Another much needed update, but it might be the last one of the summer. Lots of new demo audio has been uploaded as well as new lyrics. The rest of Krisis Productions got a major overhaul a few weeks ago, please go take a look

Thursday May 11th, 2000
A long overdue update! I am off to hand out props for Hair, so i can't elaborate too much, but i added new audio and features.

Sunday April 9th, 2000
Audio of "The Inadequacy Song" and an older selection ("Wasting Away") are being uploaded as i speak. I am attempted to record "The Pickup Song," so that might show up soon. In other VERY COOL news, i have joined Mp3.com. For now this just means i have a place to store Mp3's (so far just three songs), but i also have the option of distributing CD's through Mp3.com. They would be around $6 and would have CD audio and Mp3's on them. Does this sound like a good idea? tell me!

Sunday April 2nd, 2000
In an attempt to keep the content fresh i've added two new audio files and a handful of new lyrics. Also, an article on Alternate Tunings was uploaded recently without being noted. I just finished the preliminary mixing of my new Demo, so new things may be coming up soon.

old updates can be found here.