Music News

3.18.1: New songs are still popping up here and there, and i've been remiss in demo-ing them for the site. However, this will all change soon because i am booked in the recording studio for the next two days, and i promise that some new audio will finally make it out with me. I thought i had a new demo EP easily track-listed, but all of the new material is making the choice a much more difficult one. We shall see...

12.29.0: Songs keep on coming! It's so scary... because there are really so many new songs that i can't pay enough attention to any one or two of them to get them to a fully complete stage. Tonight "(this is what you) pay for it" finally got arranged correctly, as well as another new one currently without a name. There's lots of snippets around, like "winds its way," "(another) war," "can't cure love," and "resolve." They're in good company; complete new songs include "disguise it," "more than that," "1way," "burn," "relief," and even more! Look for me to start actively demo-ing these songs more often in the coming weeks, as well as debuts of new lyrics. Excited, eh?

12.11.0: Yes, i am ignoring this. Right now there's lots of new music flying around, so much so that Trio is the best gauge of what i'm up to. This site update (didja see the new splash page) is attempting to create a proper artist's webpage out of this pile of stuff. It'll get worse before it gets better. In the meantime, there's about two hours of trios waiting to be listened to, so hop to it!

9.3.0: Working hard on so much newness that i'm actually exciting myself. A few new songs have cropped up including the long awaited "Burn," and "Nothing to Say/Surround Me" has finally made an audio appearance on the main page. Crushing Krisis, the new daily section of crush, has proved itself to have a rather unique connection to AMkitchen. If i am working on music while i'm online, i inevitably post to Crushing to discuss it, sometimes even including new lyrics. Plus, there's a little project i'm calling Trio. Starting tonight i will be doing a trio of songs each weekend in a single real audio file and uploading them to be accessed from Crushing Krisis and AMkitchen. No edits, no retakes, and no lyric sheets. You know it'll be fun.

8.18.0: Happily my injury has healed well enough to work on music again, and i recently been working to solidify the arrangements of several already written songs including "Joyce," "Surround Me," "Lost," "Goodbye," "Roaming," a piano arrangement of "Crashing," and a new alternate tuning Madonna cover. Audio clips aren't directly forthcoming, but hopefully some other new features are.

7.14.0: Some not so wonderful news: i broke the left side of my collar-bone last night. Obviously i am alright, since i am able to type, but i am unable to play guitar. Unfortunately, my injury has interrupted my recent work on several pieces. None of these new songs had been recorded for the site yet, but since i won't be able to do that for well over a month i have uploaded some very early and basic demos. In other news, it looks as though i will be minoring in music, which will lead to me being allowed to use the Drexel recording studio (:

4.9.0: News on two fronts this week. The first is that three or four small tidbits i have had lying around are suddenly developing into new songs, which is rather exciting since i have not been writing too much lately. The second piece of news is related to my upcoming demo. It is done, as far as i am concerned, and there are two (or three) ways to get it [it will be "released" on April 18th].

  • Get a physical CD from me, for $3.50 (this covers the cost of blanks, any potential shipping charges, and goes towards audio software).
  • Get a virtual copy (you will need ICQ for this). The virtual copy is in the form of 128bps Mp3's in a WinZip file, which is aproximately 60megs.
  • A new option would be for me to distribute the CD through In this case, it would be aproximately $7. You would be able to order by credit card via the internet, and the CD would include both CD audio and Mp3 files. Please note that in this case the CD would not feature my cover of "Lucky Star" due to policy. I am undecided as to whether this is worthwhile, seeing as it is more expensive for you.

    Those are your options. Contact me to get your own copy of Demo #2!

    4.2.0: I am now just catching my breath after hearing my future. Gina and I spent the entirety of yesterday playing guitar. There were many fruits of our labours, including some new songs of Gina's and a truly collaborative effort. However, the two that i captured in audio are what matters right this second. They are versions of "DeadWeight" and "Under My Skin" with both of us on guitar, Gina adding arrangements that had just been worked out in the past few hours. Listening to them gives me a little chill because i can hear where i might be headed (as alluded to in the recent Interview), and i really really like it there. Real Audio of the two files will be posted shortly. Meanwhile, adding to the excitement, the preliminary mix of my new Demo is done! I am gonna be testing it on some people this week (if you wanna test it and don't mind a long DL time, mail me), but for all intents and purposes it is done and sounds not too shabby. The entire CD is solo with the exception of the 2-track Crashing currently posted on the site. In fact, much of the audio for the Demo is on the site already, tho i did a lot of fixing of fades and volumes levels. If you are interested in an electronic or physical copy, just let me know.

    3.5.0: Writing is slow lately, although two new songs have been emerging ("Icy Cold" and "Pickup Song") and will be up as soon as i have them nailed down. Since i wholly intend to have the demo done by the next Peter Mulvey concert, i have been practicing some oldies-but-goodies (like "Inadequacy Song" and "World In My Hand"), and trying to update them with some college flavor. "WIMH" is now played more visciously then ever, and i have the wounds to prove it. As mentioned somewhere else on the site, i may be recorded live in one of Drexel's facilities soon, so keep your fingers crossed.

    1.22.0: And, believe or not, there is life after "Crashing." Life in the form of several new tunes, including the critically acclaimed (but still quite new) "Under My Skin" and my groovy cover of "Lucky Star." Audio for both going up as we speak.

    12.16.99: So much to say. Writing has been in spurts recently, but several good things have come of it, especially "Crashing." Once i got back home from the dorm i had this creative surge and wound up writing several new songs and recording what is almost a whole new Demo in one day. New audio is forthcoming, so please check back soon.

    8.30.99: After a mini-dry period i seem to be back on track, and either the electric guitar or the new Tori music has been having an effect on me, because the last few things i have written have a slightly different sound to them. Notably, i am starting to write from non-immediate motivation, which is a big step. However, my ability to just strum is apparently still around, as evidenced by several of the new songs, including "Dead Weight." Those poor pre-graduation songs never got very much time on display, so, i'm hoping to put clips of a few of them up here. Overall, this summer feels very productive creatively, if not in recording. I do still hope to record some things in high quality soon; first i need to find some good mixing software.

    7.28.99: The summer continues, and so does my streak of creativity, albiet a bit slower than it had been. Two new high-quality songs and several that are still in draft stages have been written since the last update. However, I am still having problems recording, so the new audio may take a while. In other news, i have scrapped any plans to reproduce my Demo, since i know now how to make higher quality recordings with higher volume. If/When i get a new computer i hope to compile the songs from the demo and several of the new songs into an album (shudder), so that the few of you who are always claiming you want to hear me can do so 24 hours a day :?)

    6.21.99: Since the beginning of my senior project i have written eight complete new lyrics of which five have been set to music. Two of these songs were recorded ad lib during the project itself, and i haven't played them since. The other three which are set to music were written from 6.3 to 6.17, and i actually like them a bit. I'm hoping to play a few of them tomorrow as we wait to get our diplomas. This marks the first serious burst of creativity i've had since March, and the first songs i've written since "Other Plans." The lyrics will be up soon, hopefully accompanied by audio clips. (BTW - For those of you who know my influences: three out of the five songs are in alternate tunings ;?)