world in my hand
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 6.23.98

staring out into the world again/ and all the stars are turning to sand/ why can't i reach more than i can grasp/ and why do i need to ask.../ you/ these things/ i should be gone/ on wings/ flying high in the sky to drown in the sand/ and where's the drowned now for this thirsty man/ cause i want the sea where they got sucked in.../ and i'm looking to take their world in my hand/ // / staring out of my window again/ and all i'm seeing is dirt drugs and sin/ isn't it strange how they all have a buyer/ and i will climb higher.../ than you/ than you've been/ i will soon be/ past you/ climbing high in the sky to fall down to land/ and all of this dirt is burying me in/ but i'll gladly take this globe of sin.../ yeah i'm looking to take this world in my hand/ // / staring into the future with my eyes closed/ and all that i'm seeing isn't too far past my nose/ is a fog gonna be strangling me in/ or is it just cause i win/ you/ again/ i need to be/ driving/ a hundred miles an hour with no visibility/ and i'm bound to hit something that none of us see/ then i'll be blamed with setting it free.../ well, as long as its world is given to me/ // /