whoever's listening
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 6.17.99

to whoever is listening i just want you to know i'm better off now/ i thought that i didn't know anything, that out here i would drown/ i believed that if i couldn't see the future it wasn't there/ and all i ever wanted was to stand in one place, anywhere// so, to whoever is listening i just want to say it wasn't all bad/ i thought the worst was happening, but i didn't know what i had/ did you know that i'm stronger now that i've weathered so many storms/ even though i didn't know i don't have to stay dry to stay afloat// did i ever look so small, or is it just from afar/ and close up am i as large as life/ and from wherever you are/ // / whoever's listening, i want to thank you for your time/ god knows i'm not the most interesting subject you can find/ to whoever is listening: i can see you, i can feel your touch, but i can't look into your eyes/ // / i didn't want to leave behind my memories/ as if the walls could hold them, and without them i'd lose my identity/ what i didn't know is that i learned more than i was taught/ and i am stronger now than i ever would have thought/