lyrics & music by peter c marinari 7.23.0

I waited up late last night for you to call/ and i staved off sleep until my eyes would fall all on their own/ the situation is typical of me / and i think you wouldn't hesitate agree/ but i can't get you on the phone/ and i was lying there all alone// I bought you roses more than a dime a dozen/ And after i handed them to you/ i wanted to stick my head into an oven/ i think it's quite clear now/ that i should have bought them atb a discount/ and i can't get you alone/ i can't even get you on the phone// your name in the clouds would be worth the expense/ fireworks and diamonds cause i don't need to pay the rent/ this obsession is to typical/ i wish you weren't so cynical/ i just want to get you alone/ but i can't even get you on the phone// i waited up again for you to call/ but when you didn't i hardly minded at all/ does that seem strange/ that i don't mind, do i seem derranged?/ to tell the truth it didn't surprise me at all/ and now i'm lying here with no one on the phone/ alone///