lyrics & music by peter c marinari c.11.8.97

drain-ed dead before the bloom/ all the love gone all too soon/ my silly heart gone got attached/ and i have yet to meet my match// you've got to throw it down before you pick it up/ you've gotta mess up once, 'cause you've got no luck/ and you are not my fault/ like you were before/ and i just can't care anymore.../ // / torn away by weakest lull/ pound the truth into my skull/ your stupid brain's got no idea/ your love is all i have to fear// you've once thrown me down, now you'll pick me up/ we've messed it up once, we never had much luck/ but i am not your fault/ like i was before/ and you don't seem to care anymore.../ // / culled from you like chaff from wheat/ again this vicious loop repeats/ damn legs can't carry far enough/ with you i've never had much luck// i was thrown around before you picked me up/ you messed me up once, I never had much luck/ and is this all my fault?/ like those times before/ i just don't care anymore/ // /