lyrics & music by peter c marinari 10.29.0

you are in high relief/ i have carved you out from the marble of your beliefs/ i can see your cracks so clearly now/ but please don't crumble on my account// you are my relief/ // you are shard of glass/ the one we shattered when we were drunk off our asses/ we were afraid to set foot on that floor/ so we were trapped in bed unable to get to the door// and your kiss hit me like a fist/ but it was better than all the ones that had missed me/ no one else was around/ and i was falling down// you are my relief/ // / it's your saving grace/ you are iron to my yielding face/ i can't let anyone else take your place/ i can't hold onto you and i'm caving in/ // and i only deny my feelings for you/ while you deny all of our pitchings and reelings too/ but now i'm overboard/ not you won't save me, you won't hang on anymore/ you are my relief/ //