rain /circles
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 4.2.98

if it came down a little harder/ could it wash my tears away?/ if i tried a little harder...// all these years/ i've been running in circles/ and these sights look so familiar/ .../ but if i step outside for once/ maybe the circle'd wash away/ // / as wet as it is i walk/ barefoot in the street/ rain pours down across my brow/ and i can feel the heat [that]// i lost/ when i was running in circles/ the reflection in the puddle/ is the same it's been for days/ laps around the circle/ there's gotta be another way/ // / drops fall so hard they tear/ through my skin/ they leave my soul beneath them/ open// it hurts/ to keep running in circles/ i see a face pass by each time/ i'd run in any circle/ just to get away from mine/ // / Dizzy from my life/ Soaked by the rain/ Puddling at my feet/ A circle starts again// if it would rain an ocean/ would it wash these tear away/ if i drowned a little deeper/ into all my fears// .../ of running in circles/ ... for the rest of my life.