lyrics & music by peter c marinari 9.8.99

run quickly to your thicket in the middle of sky, it's no wonder that you're so hard to find anymore, so wicked with you clocks and your boys keep ticking, all of the time// your last words, not in my mind but on paper, did you save them, can you send me again, to the place where i was fun, and you were just sick all the time// do you remember/ the secret times/ and all the things that can happen/ when you're just riding your bike/ // / once upon a time, i wanted my chance at glory, at warring at a little ecstacy, or drop a cloud on me, and now i walk the straight line, and you scold me for being confined// you never knew all the scrawlings the bawlings you, inspired but we know how good at hiding i am surprised when people fall out of like so quickly love is envious, they go for a ride// do you remember/ wrapped up on the floor/ an empty box and so much more/ do you remember/ my fifty favourite songs of hers/ halfway there and when we still had questions without answers/ // / all the dead girls kissing and kind girls did you loose them did it bruise you did you even mind?// i'm happy with my daily grind without you you're still saying goodbye to the ones that taught you to run quickly to your thicket in the middle of sky it's no wonder that i can't find you anymore but i don't mind/