nothing to say
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 7.7.0

I've got nothing to say - did you think it'd go any other way/ I've been holding it all in - asphyxiate and now i've gone astray/ somewhere in my mind i knew all the words i had meant for you/ I was trying to be kind but now i just want to hurt you.../ I've got nowhere to run and it's no fun - and you know i am hiding something/ where it won't be found deep under ground - under these sounds hiding under these// sounds surround me/ all around my body/ i can't see past your light/ your skin this day this dimness/ i am surrounded/ i am surrounded by...// i'm out of my age staring into the sun - i remember being young/ it's so far in my mind - it's not the same after you've spent some time/ out in the life it won't apologize for the scars it leaves/ on you and me on me yours are more obscure - looks decieve// sounds...// i am bitter just ask me how i taste like the salt over your shoulder/ this is no kindof way for me to be/ don't you see you and me/ i've got things to lay out on the table/ and lay me down...// sounds...// this is no kinda way to be/ i can't say say how i'd see things eye to eye/ maybe i can i can escape some kind of way/ but i haven't found a thing to say// i've got nothing to say// /