make sense
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 12.23.99

you don't make sense and/ i just wanna fall into your arms again/ but they're not there when i need them/ what a surprise, i am sure i can find/ a way to remind you/ where you can find me/ i'm lying at your feet and/ don't even think of/ denying me/ cause i can't take the low self esteem// i don't wanna make war/ but love ain't looking too good either/ all i ask is for/ a little bit more and i am sure/ that you don't hear me/ cause you're never/ near me anymore and/ i can see that/ we're losing time so/ lets try to find some resolutions/ // / i don't need to say hello anymore, i'm hanging into where you've been, oh it's no sin/ i am up late at night wondering where the kitchen is, cause i'm hungry for more - to feed this addiction/ sleeping's obsolete this time in my mind and i don't think you can change that/ if i am more alone at home once again - i don't think i can rearrange that situation, baby it's not very strange so won't you please/ // // won't you please make sense/ cuz i wanna fall for you again/ for no real reason/ so please make some sense/ i wanna fall again///