lost out
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 5.16.0

I resisted i fought back - i never thought fight is what i'd lack/ I kept pushing the envelope and now i'm roped in - and i'll get mailed back/ She was on my pedestal, i couldn't climb up there - i was at a standstill// I lost out/ my tongue got tied/ I tripped over my own feet/ i was my defeat/ I missed my chance/ it's just a wet dream now/ and we never even/ danced/ // / You moved in for the kill; you attacked - and now i know the kind of heat you're packing/ You came just armed with a smile: it was enough - it had me beat by a mile/ And i could have tried to push you away - the only problem was she wanted you to stay// I insist that you cease&desist, or get out of here, or just give her one last kiss/ I wish you would just drop dead - or fall off the face of the earth instead/ But i'm stuck here watching you move, watching her curves, watching me lose out//

across the r o om tile floors become oceans
she is my beacon of hope
and these fe elings are floating away
my 2 dimensions cannot make them stay