lament you
lyrics by peter c marinari 3.27.0

i wouldn't know what to do with another chance with you/ i cannot get over that you asked me to dance with you/ i am in awe i am flawed with you/ i am in need and i would bleed for you/ i would bleed for you// i've tried so hard to be true with you/ but shit it's so hard to speak to you/ you push me around and i'd go down with you/ i am crying without you, with you it's all gonna be alright/ it's gonna be alright/ it's all gonne be alright/ i am thoughtless i am entranced/ i'm automatic just ask me/ i am pushing through miles of barb wired emotions to get to where you are/ i have pretended that i don't hurt at all, just to get this far/ i wound't know what to do with myself if i got close to you/ i wouldn't know how to react i wouldn't know what to do/ should i reach around and should i slide down to where you lie/ should i say what i want to say or just say goodbye/ just say goodbye/