i was wrong
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 5.29.99/6.3.99

i thought always meant at least a year/ i thought everything meant all there was to hear/ i thought kindness was the way to every heart/ i though bad would just be a missed chance// i didn't think friendship precluded romance/ and i didn't know what to do/ i didn't think that i missed a detail/ i didn't think that i could lose/ // / i thought our glances would lead to something more/ i thought to tell every secret that i wore/ i thought you looked beautiful with everything/ i thought that you were just being hard to get// i didn't think it meant to just forget it/ and i didn't give up trying/ i didn't think my every effort was wasted/ i didn't think i'd end up crying/ // / i thought the worst thing in the world was failure/ i thought rejection hurt more than any pain/ i thought you had changed for the better/ and i was wrong.