how many more times
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 7.23.99

you've brought me down/ so far/ you speak words to me/ that didn't mean anything yesterday/ and now they call my name/ can't you even notice/ that i shed a tear/ to every remark/ it's just a quiet cry inside/ for every name martyred/ to the pain and strife// how many more times/ will there be writing on walls/ how many more times/ do we have to hear it recited back to us/ // / i hear voice screaming loudly/ from far off to the right/ it has the answers/ to every question/ it doesn't seem fair/ it's like cheating to hear them/ not having to find out for yourself/ but they don't care/ as long as you'll listen// how many more times/ won't our hearts get in the way/ how many more times/ can we drown out every day/ // / so sick in the pit of my stomach/ i'll wretch along/ to the nightly news/ i heard a story the other day/ someone died again/ to wash away our sins/ you'd think we'd be clean by now/ yes, pearly fucking white/ and some are immaculate/ it's next to god, they remind us// how many more times/ do i have to laugh at that joke/ how many more times/ will it take before the message sinks home/ // / funny how our dirty little secrets/ won't hide when we want them to/ you'd think by now they'd be shut away/ since we've locked them down from our youth/ it doesn't matter what we do or say/ it's just the next hollywood trend/ well on the behalf of the human race/ we're happy to be famous then/ // / how many more times/ do we have to fly in the face of fear/ how many more times/ will we broadcast our dissaproval loud and clear/ how many more times/ how many more times/ how many more times/ how many more times?