lyrics & music by peter c marinari 3.20.99 & 3.28.99

jeans faded like the pencil marks from when i first wrote about you/ walk right in just like you own the place; it's only my heart/ if i turn my back i'd get to talk about you/ if i face you i'd just tear myself apart// i feel trite like a grimy romance novel/ but i feel strong as the world beneath my feet/ your a problem only when i try to solve you/ you an issue when my record|heart skips a beat/ // / if you had come in looking for some shelter/ i'd have gladly thrown my body on your fire/ cause even here i can feel the swelter/ as i resist your warmth and try to play my part// but i feel dirty like a romance novel/ as i turn and steal a glance of your face/ i'd trade myself for a newer super model/ because you i never would replace/ // / i saw you there about to walk right past me/ and i looked away as nonchalantly as i could/ if i met your gaze i would've melted into the floor/ and if i passed you would not have understood// but i feel cheap like a romance novel/ as i walk away pretending i don't care/ but i'd gladly turn around and look right through you/ so i wouldn't have to pretend you weren't there/ // /