lyrics by peter c marinari w/robert phillips c.5.97
music by peter c marinari c.7.97

pulling downward/ pushing me away/ you dirty bastard/ you can't make me stay// you drain me; you take it away/ you drain me, and i want to make you pay/ // / drag me into/ words that i can't say/ make me speak them/ won't you go away/ make me do this/ suck my life away/ i can't get through this/ and i can't walk away// you drain me/ you take it away/ you drain me/ until things go your way/ // / spinning circles/ around me/ saying words that i can't say/ draining slowly/ killing/ won't you just go away// / you drained me/ you took it all away/ you drained me/ say the words that i can't say/ you drained me/ won't you just go away/ // / youdrainme/ youdrainme/ youdrainme/ youdrainme/ youdrainme/ you drained me.../

1996 Krisis Productions
1996 DaiGaijin Productions