the door
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 15.13.99

i could hear your clothes moving against your skin/ you should've asked i would've let you right in/ i keep the locks turned i have my perimeter secured/ 'cause it's too often i get burned, to often i get bored// i am too fragile, i break too easily/ if i could learn to bend i could learn to be free/ but the slightest push sends me crashing down/ just the slightest sight of you, the slightest sound// i can see your hips through my keyhole/ won't you take a step back so i can see it all/ my face is pressed up close against the door/ and from what i can see, i want to see more// i'll turn the key, i'll open up to you/ it's just you and me, i can't see the danger in us two/ i can let your face loom close for a while/ but i'm, watching your every move, i'm counting every smile/ watching move you make, watching your every smile/ watching every move you make, your smile//