coming up the stairs
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 1.10.98 - 1.14.98

i hadn't seen you/ coming up the stairs/ but then i heard your voice/ saying you didn't care// accidental knowledge/ was never what i wanted/ you caught me unaware/ but you really cannot blame me/ 'cause i had heard your voice/ coming up the stairs/ // / i doubt that/ you wanted me to hear what you said/ but you should've thought about that/ before you went talking to your friends// you'd said you'd never/ want to live your life without me/ i guess that was a lie/ 'cause it seems that you've been/ living without me/ in your mind/ // / now you ask/ "why no kisses on the cheek?"/ maybe i should answer/ "cause you should think before you speak"// did it occur/ that i might have heard/ you talking to your friends/ or maybe i/ would've found out/ through my own ends/ // / you were probably waiting/ for the right time to break it to me softly/ to let me down gently/ but then i heard your voice/ coming up the stairs/