lyrics & music by peter c marinari 3.6.99

you are a bridge i cannot burn/ to burn a sin i cannot learn/ i tried so hard to understand/ but i can't// i thought you were dead/ your body was so cold/ i bought all my comfort/ with the secrets that i sold/ you swam from the depths of my mind with your blackness i couldn't hide anymore/ // / and i threw away/ the things i need// too many times/ and you keep running back to me/ i can't lose you anymore/ it should be simple to be free/ but it's not i need your blessing before i go overboard/ // / and i can try again/ but you'll just misunderstand/ and i smile within/ but you go at me again// and it hurts so bad/ i wish it could stay that way/ but tomorrow is just/ another day, another day/ // /

i've crossed over/ this time/ this line// don't misunderstand/ i want to get out/ cross over to the other side// where you/ can't touch me/ anymore// and i don't need your blessing/ so don't say another word/ no, don't say another word another word another word// no you're another word/ another word/ don't say another word/ another word/ don't say another word...