all that has to go
lyrics & music by peter c marinari 12.26.98

pile of cd's/ spread out on the kitchen counter/ rifle through them/ looking for an answer/ boxes climb the walls like/ they were just ladders// same tired rainstorm/ pounding at the window/ and the kitchen door/ can you see through it [to the other side]/ as you're moving towards the door/ can your arms hold all that has to go// you said/ i'm moving out of here/ the walls know the story too well/ the carpet paints the picture/ i'm not not depicted as an angel/ // / "i'm leaving today"/ it left no room for question/ if i had the chance to speak/ but you hung up the phone/ looked around your kitchen [floor]/ it still feels just a cell/ just another reason not to stay here anymore// you said/ my time is done here/ the walls know the story too well/ the bedroom is my picture/ and i don't like the story it tells/ // / out the door/ now you're walking/ would you turn around/ to look into your past [one last time] and/ wish you weren't leaving/ but the building is just a shell/ and it not strong enough to hold you anymore// you think/ this time you've won/ the walls have their last story to tell/ but the joke's on you boy|girl/ that you're leaving the place that can tell it so well/ // / so run away/ into the rainstorm/ pull your hood up/ lean into the wind/ alone/ alone/ alone/ that's the state/ of an object in space/ no satellites/ just rocketing away from home/ just rocketing far from home/ just rocketing towards a new home/