song! words by! music by! written on! played?
A Long Time Since PCM PCM 6.10/21.99 frequently
Afterglow PCM PCM 1.6.98 occasionally
All That Has To Go PCM PCM 12.26.98 in the past
All That's True GMw/PCM PCM 7.98 (7.4.99) occasionally
AM Kitchen PCM PCM 7.19/20/25.98 rarely
Another PCM PCM 11.16/20/26.99 never
Be Here PCM PCM 11.8/23.99 never
Bridge PCM PCM 3.6.99 frequenty
Clutter PCM PCM 5.30.99 never
Come Back (summer song) PCM GM 6.28.98 never
Coming Up The Stairs PCM PCM 1.10/14.98 in the past
Crashing PCM PCM 11.2(3).99 frequently
Dead Weight PCM PCM 7.11.99 (8.21.99) frequently
Down Again PCM PCM 11.21.98 rarely
Drain PCM (w/RP) PCM c.5.97 never
Fad PCM PCM 5.29.98 in the past
Falling Down PCM GM c.11.8.97 frequently
FallOut PCM PCM 7.14.98 never
Fearless PCM (w/GM) GM (w/PCM) 6.28.98 (7.8/10.98) soon
Five Minutes PCM PCM 9.5.98 occasionally
Give PCM PCM 2.19.99 in the past
Here We Are Again PCM PCM 3.26.0 never
Hide Your Eyes PCM PCM 9.15/22.98 rarely
How Many More Times PCM PCM 7.23.99 occasionally
I Deserve PCM PCM 4.14.99 rarely
I Was Wrong PCM PCM 5.29.99/6.3.99 occasionally
Icy Cold PCM PCM 1.28.0 not yet
The Inadequacy Song PCM PCM 11.4/7/24/27.98 occasionally
In.Finite Phrases PCM none 6.28.98 in the past
Kiss You PCM PCM 4.24.98 never
Lament You PCM PCM 3.27.0 never
Like Mine PCM PCM 2.4.99 in the past
Locked Out (door) PCM PCM 5.13.99 never
Lose It PCM PCM 5.14.98 never
Lost PCM PCM 5.16.0 recently
Make Sense PCM PCM 12.23.99 recently
Marie Marie RK PCM 10.1.98 (3.31.99) never
My Words PCM PCM 7.27/29.98 never
Never Say GoodBye PCM PCM 5.7.0 recently
New Mexico PCM PCM 1.15.99/2.4.99 rarely
Not My Closet PCM PCM 12.14.98 in the past
Novel / Gaze PCM PCM 3.20/28.99 never
Ode PCM PCM 5.97 - 9.97 never ever
Other Plans PCM PCM 4.27.99 frequently
The Pickup Song PCM PCM 1.28.0 not yet
Places(1) PCM PCM 12.5.99 never
Places(2) PCM PCM 1.1.0 never
Pity You Maybe PCM PCM 2.98 - 3.98 never
Push Comes To Shove PCM PCM 7.4.99 never
Puzzle PCM PCM 11.10.98 - 12.1.98 in the past
Quickly PCM PCM 9.8.99 rarely
Rain / Circles PCM GM/PCM 4.2.98 rarely
Roaming PCM PCM 12.12.99 never
Save Myself PCM PCM 8.21.99 neve
Sane World PCM PCM 7.12.98 (7.21.98) never
Scarred PCM PCM c.11.8.97 never
Searching PCM PCM c.8.27.98 never
She's So Isolated PCM PCM 8.9.98- never
Sheep PCM PCM 7.20.98/9.15.98 never
Shine PCM PCM 8.19.98 rarely
Siren Song PCM PCM 3.1/2.98 in the past
So Close PCM PCM 1.15.99 never
So What? PCM PCM 9.5.98 never
Spend It In One Place PCM PCM 8.2.99 not yet
Surprise Me PCM PCM 4.27.98/5.2.98 occasionally
Sweet Nothing PCM PCM c.3.23.98 - 5.98 in the past
Sway PCM PCM 1.31.99 rarely
Sylvia PCM PCM 9.15.98 occasionally
Teardrop PCM PCM 6.26.98 never
Time After Time PCM PCM 4.16.98 never
Together PCM PCM 2.3.98 in the past
Touch PCM PCM 10.12.98 occasionally
The Truth PCM PCM 2.15.98 in the past
Under My Skin PCM PCM 1.9.0 regularly
View (from here) PCM PCM 9.15/21/c28.99 occasionally
Waiting For You PCM PCM 1.15.98 rarely
Wasting Away PCM PCM 8.13/14.98 in the past
Whoever's Listening PCM PCM 6.17.99 occasionally
Without You I Cry PCM GM c.12.95 rarely
World In My Hand PCM PCM 6.23.98 occasionally
You Hear Her PCM PCM 7.7.98 in the past