A Long Time Since ra28k / mp3 recorded 12.14.99: winter sessions (home)
Afterglow realaudio28k recorded 5.31.99: senior project
keyboards: Gina Martinelli
washburn acoustic guitar & vocal: Peter Marinari
Mixed together from three separate takes of the song.
All That Has To Go realaudio28k recorded 12.13.99: winter sessions (home)
All That's True realaudio28k recorded 12.17.99: winter sessions (home)
Bridge realaudio28k recorded 2.6.0: winter sessions (dorm)
Can't Do Without You realaudio28k recorded 4.15.00: spring sessions
Lyrics from the plan
Music, vocals, and washburn acoustic guitar: Gina Martinelli
other guitar-ish bumbling: Peter Marinari
Crashing realaudio28k recorded 11.4.99: initial demo (dorm)
noises not made by me: my roommate kenny
Crashing (v2) realaudio28k recorded 11.25.99: bedroom floor
two tracks: backing track recorded with an unplugged Guild guitar
Changed realaudio28k recorded 6.27.0
The sole recording of an instrumental whose tuning i no longer know, and that i could never reproduce.
DeadWeight realaudio28k recorded 12.13.99: winter sessions (home)
DeadWeight (w/Gina) realaudio28k recorded 4.1.0: spring session #1
Gina Martinelli: washburn acoustic guitar (choruses and outro)
Technically an outtake, and only the second try we made all day.
Falling Down (g12) realaudio28k recorded 6.1.99: senior project demo sessions
Gina Martinelli: yamaha 12-string guitar and vocals
Peter Marinari: washburn acoustic guitar
Goodbye realaudio28k recorded 4.15.00: initial demo (dorm)
Gina & Peter: acoustic guitar and vocals
How Many More Times realaudio28k recorded 11.18.99: fall sessions (dorm)
The Inadequacy Song realaudio28k recorded 4.8.0: spring sessions (dorm)
Can you count how many times i stray from the actual lyrics?
Leather realaudio28k recorded 6.3.99: spring sessions (dorm)
The only Tori Amos cover i've ever successfully recorded.
Lost realaudio28k recorded 5.23.99: spring sessions (dorm)
Lucky Star realaudio28k recorded 1.20.0: dorm
lyrics & music by madonna, 1983
guitar arrangment: peter
recorded on a whim while warming up for an open-mic
Make Sense realaudio28k recorded 1.5.0: winter sessions (dorm)
Never Say GoodBye realaudio28k recorded 5.7.0: 3rd draft demo (dorm)
Nothing To Say realaudio28k recorded 8.30.00
Other Plans ra28k / mp3 recorded 12.16.99: winter sessions (home)
Quickly realaudio28k recorded 3.26.0: spring sessions (home)
hushed in the early morn', as it was written
Relief (rough draft) realaudio28k recorded 10.29.00: apartment
I recorded this in the middle of writing "Relief" so that i wouldn't stray too far from my initial guitar arrangement while i tweaked the lyrics. As you can see, i wound up tweaking quite a bit, but the music is still faithful to this original version.
Save Myself realaudio28k recorded 2.8.0: winter sessions (dorm)
first time played all the way through since its writing
Touch realaudio28k recorded 12.13.99: winter sessions (home)
Under My Skin realaudio28k recorded 1.9.0: initial demo (dorm)
less than an hour after it was written
Under My Skin (w/Gina) realaudio28k recorded 4.1.0: spring session #1
Gina Martinelli: washburn acoustic guitar (& Guitar Solo)
Recorded after a day of guitar playing; (Gina said she liked this one)
Untouchable Face realaudio28k recorded 3.24.99: spring sessions (home)
Trying to turn a quiet Ani DiFranco song into a roaring act of vengence for sky
View realaudio28k recorded 12.10.99: winter sessions (home)
miscellaneous sound #1: 4.31 - b string snaps
miscellaneous sound #2: 5.43 - mom yells from downstairs
Wasting Away realaudio28k recorded 4.8.0: spring sessions (dorm)
Whoever's Listening realaudio28k recorded 4.11.00: spring sessions (dorm)
World In My Hand mp3 recorded 3.4.0: winter sessions (dorm)
first recording of its slightly new arrangement

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* - peter marinari: ashland acoustic guitar and vocals except where noted